Our Bluebell wood.

DSC04814So. A few years ago I became obsessed with bluebell woods.  I searched the internet to find out where they grow, how I could find one, what it would take to travel to one…I learned that they were in Scotland so when we visited the Roundhills we spent a lovely evening in one near Pitlochry. The Scottish bluebells are extremely fragrant, the whole forest was filled with their sweet scent, we were passing castles on our road trip, and and there were pheasants and red deer rummaging through the meadow nearby…you get the picture. It was heavenly.  And when I came home it was with the ever present thought about where I live: Where’s the magic?  Where are the darling cottages and bluebell woods?  Well. God knew.  He put me in the most darling house he could find, in a neighborhood full of tudor cottages, with a forest teeming with bluebells. I had no idea there was even a forest near us until we’d bought our house.  And I had no idea about the bluebells until two weeks ago (I wrote about it here). But yesterday I took the boys on an adventure past Snow White’s cottage (I’m not kidding…the only thing missing is Thatch…it has wooden hearts and floral stained glass…I need to take a picture!), over the troll bridges, through the skunk cabbage and bleeding hearts…and to heavenly bluebells carpeting the forest floor.  I was so excited!  I still am!  I want to go every day, it’s so lovely.  The magic was here all along, I just had to look for it. DSC04768Our neigborhood’s entrance to the woods. Ravenna Community Garden.  There are trillium, clovers, song of solomon, and bracken! DSC04769Bleeding hearts!  almost the entire first valley was filled with these! DSC04771DSC04775DSC04780We found them!  DSC04784Excited bluebell selfieeeee!  DSC04785DSC04786I got really excited and took a bunch of pictures …DSC04794and then Oliver yelled from further up the trail, “Mama! It’s so magicaaaal!”  DSC04797 DSC04798 DSC04800 DSC04801 DSC04808 DSC04809 DSC04811 DSC04812 DSC04816 DSC04818 DSC04819 I nearly died of happiness. I should also say that I doubt these are indigenous. Maybe they were at some point, but I’m pretty sure some lovely soul just spread the seeds one day, and look at what I get to have because of it! I love living in a neighborhood of garden lovers.   DSC04825 DSC04828 DSC04830Remember to watch with glittering eyes!DSC04797

4 thoughts on “Our Bluebell wood.

  1. I only know this because our bluebells are taking over our garden, but they are actually bulbs, but I think maybe they also scatter seeds. Anyway, they’re invasive! They thrive on neglect and multiply like crazy. Isn’t that wonderful? I’d be happy to dig up a bunch of my bulbs for you to plant under your treeeeeees!!!

  2. Joey and I just talked on the phone, but they do have seeds! And also bulbs. And I have pink, blue, and white in my backyard ;)

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