Of blackbirds and frost

One of the most incredible things about where we live in the city is how many places you can go that feel like the country.  DSC03072I didn’t know this at first.  Living in the city has always been Beau’s dream, and while I truly am loving it, it is with the promise that one day we will live in the sticks for me. In the late fall I was sitting in a parking lot pleading with God, “Please, I just need some open space!” and I looked up across to where there were a bunch of trees lining Lake Union. I had seen on a map how the property belonged to the university, but I had no idea what it was for. Turns out it’s a bunch of wetland acreage with the sole purpose of bio studies, completely open to the public.  There’s even a horticultural center with a library, garden, and meeting places that looks out onto it! I took the boys there the very next day. We read books about birds, berries, and leaves, then took a walk along the path to look for ducks and marvel at the white world of frost.DSC03054DSC03055DSC03128 DSC03126 DSC03125 DSC03119 DSC03115 DSC03112 DSC03111 DSC03104 DSC03102 DSC03090 DSC03086 DSC03082 DSC03081 DSC03080Harry was a little under the weather, poor thing.DSC03078 DSC03074  DSC03071

One of the incredible things about that day were all of the black birds. (the singing ones with red wing feathers). A bird watcher told me that was the first day they’d been there in a really long time. I learned last year that blackbirds are a sign of a healthy eco system.  It reiterated for me how the place we live has plenty of thriving, beautiful life.

DSC03066 DSC03063 DSC03062 DSC03059 DSC03056

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