In the kitchen: herbs!

Snip snip! This week my culinary garden has been put to good use. It seems as though anything can be made better with a few little aromatic leaves. I remember the first time I saw Jamie Oliver wax sentimental about herbs.  He planted them in the cracks in his steps and potted them in his kitchen window. At the time I had no idea what any of them were.  Oh the discoveries…  They flower! They smell!  They taste delicious!  And I must have them all. I think I shall have to add another patch! Here’s my instagrams from our eats this week since planting….20140325-205926.jpgPink Foxely thyme for a lemony rum drink. Yes I did buy this thyme for its color. And also its name. What’s not to love?20140325-205908.jpgOregano in a dressing for Greek salad.20140325-205625.jpgThe plot! The circles are simply decoration. I love stone circles.  My herbs come from magical portals.20140325-205942.jpgfresh herbs for pasta.20140325-210003.jpgAvocado, grilled onions, bacon, and thyme sandwiches.-1Black sage leaves in a blackberry and currant wine spritzer. OMG blackberry and sage…try it. Try sugaring the sage, too and eating it on the side. It’s weirdly awesome. Tastes a bit like a cough drop, but like how God wanted cough drops to taste. 20140325-210034.jpgThyme for salmon. Can you tell I love thyme? I could have a garden entirely made up of different cultivars of thyme! I would call it my thyme garden and put a sun dial in the middle. (That’s from a children’s book I once read).

I want to plant dill and lemon verbena for fish, too…mmmmm.20140325-210448.jpgRosemary and thyme for a roast. This is probably my grossest picture.  Are you deciding whether or not you’re disgusted…or hungry? 20140326-175900.jpgOregano on Hawaiian Pizza. Fruit on pizza is legal, you guys.20140325-210510.jpgMint leaves for tea. I am going to plant chamomile too!  Joey gave me that idea…she’s the bees knees.  Actually, remind me to tell you sometime about how Joey is an actual bee whisperer.20140325-210917.jpg My mint tea makers and taste testers.  They loved this so much!  I will do a little post of the photos I took of them another time :)20140325-205845.jpgI cannot WAIT for the Scottish moss to have flowers and the herbs to overflow. I’ve been watching old English garden shows and browsing Pinterest for cottage gardens and my heart is filled to the brim with ideas for how I would like to make my little plot look. Right now I am just taking joy in what I have accomplished so far. A shed, a pathway, and a few herbs!  All it needs is a little blue sweater on a scarecrow stick :)

I loved this quote by one of the garden obsessed cottage dwellers from a show I watched last night (loosely paraphrased): “It’s your garden, it’s there for you to enjoy, and you can do whatever you want with it!”

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