Check out this crazy watercolor app!

It’s called Waterlogue, and it turns your pictures into watercolors. You could already do this in photoshop, but to be able to just take a picture with a device that fits in your pocket and then transform it into art instantly is a complete mind blow to me. I keep thinking of my Grandmother who passed before tiny cameras and was a talented painter. What would she say? What would Van Gogh say? I say it’s fun, and gorgeous. But nothing beats the thrill of watching pigment and water bleed across a page.

The other day Sarah and I were on a walk on sunset hill. We were marveling at the new blossoms and the way the rain clouds across the water were blushing the sky. There was a painter painting them with her easel and I commented how she could have just taken a picture but how lovely it is to be outside and really viewing the depth of your subject. Like yoga outside, breathing in the air and being a part of nature.

So by all means, try out waterlogue. I am having a kick doing so. But don’t forget what apps can’t give you! A text can’t laugh, a picture can’t smell, and a fake watercolor can’t capture your own creative magic. >

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