20140313-140928.jpgI’ve been talking at length with my friends about gardening. While Joey and Rachel are making big plans for vegetable patches, I have been pruning, weeding, and scattering seeds. I was doing so yesterday, kneeling in my courtyard, fingertips dipped in rich smelling earth, and I caught my breath.

In a sudden bolt of understanding God gave me an illustration for something that’s been really painful for me lately. Right now it’s too close to my heart to talk about without giving it the proper haze of wisdom and understanding time can bring, but I just wanted to share that when I called Joey to tell her she said,

“I love how God put us in a garden, and then when Jesus came back the women mistook Him for a gardener.”

I’ve been reminding myself lately, God sees me, God sees. I have nothing to prove. God sees.

And in that moment I was reminded He does.
These pictures are from various days and events. The purple crown is from Maryann…she loves me so! The cake was for Sarah’s birthday! The drawings are my own. The garden at the end was from the NW Flower and Garden show. And this last pic is to show you Rachel’s floral pants. She’s adorable!

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