NZ: The Lantern Festival

Every time I am about to travel anywhere I google search the place I’m going and “Lantern Festival.”  Usually I get nothing, and very rarely find out that they do have one, but not the same time of year.  This time I found out Auckland was having a lantern festival the exact same time I was going to be there!  On the full moon bringing in the year of the horse!

It was by far my favorite festival I’ve ever been to.  The park had these enormous trees with gnarled branches filled with lanterns of all shapes and sizes.  Glow in the dark wares and Asian trinkets were being sold, and there was a whole street dedicated to delicious food. There were shows going on, with Martial arts, and dances with smoke and lights, and children climbing in the trees, and a firework show from the sky tower at the end. Jamie and I went to Mt. Eden to watch the fireworks and the stars and moon were even brighter than the tiny tower in the distance spewing sparks.

The whole experience was so surreal because I’ve strung lanterns for every midsummer’s eve since our lantern filled wedding, and would always imagine myself in a place just like this one.   DSC04107DSC04091 DSC04092 DSC04093 DSC04094 DSC04095 DSC04096 DSC04097 DSC04102 DSC04104 DSC04108 DSC04109 DSC04110 DSC04113 DSC04114 DSC04115 DSC04116 DSC04117 DSC04118 DSC04120 DSC04123 DSC04137 DSC04140 DSC04141 DSC04142 DSC04156 DSC04164 DSC04165 DSC04167 DSC04170 DSC04172 DSC04181

5 thoughts on “NZ: The Lantern Festival

  1. I’m loving reading all about your trip! And I love it that you always Google ‘lantern festival’ when you go somewhere. I would never have thought to do that. I miss you and can’t wait to see you!

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