Favorite authors: Beatrix Potter

I am ever inspired by Beatrix Potter for her naturalism and conservationism, her cottage garden, her plucky little stories, and her gorgeous watercolors.

I see in her a kindred spirit and a soft sort of heroism that I wish to emulate.

I recently came across some of her journaling and adore her bright eyed view of nature and her detailed perfectly rendered, drawings of specimens she found on her rambles through the forest.


Today I was curious about how old she was when she first published a book, and was wildly thrilled to find that she was thirty five! I am discouraged at times thinking I am too old and too late.  Lies!  What is more, Beatrix first self published before she made her way into a wider circuit and influence.  I am not necessarily wanting to do the same, but it struck me as a daring and brave move, one that may have allowed her to illustrate her own stories.  I would be over the moon to even just be published, but to be able to illustrate my own stories?  Now that would be a treat!

In honor of this discovery I made this inspiration collage.  Now I need to rewatch Miss Potter!

3 thoughts on “Favorite authors: Beatrix Potter

  1. Love this! I think the older you get the better. Age brings wisdom and experience which will bring more depth to your writing and art.

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