Citrus and honey: Jamie Oliver’s Greek cake

The Roundhills invited us over for a Greek dinner and Sarah asked if I could bring dessert. Yeeeesss I can.20140228-105330.jpg I looked up Jamie Oliver in Greece on YouTube and found a clip of him bee keeping and making a citrus and honey soaked cake. I love having a complete experience while baking!

Jamie Oliver, sunshine, and the smell of a lemon orchard in my kitchen. Opa!
Or as Jamie says, “and you’re laughin’!”

I’m also excited because in New Zealand honeycomb was a really big thing. In every ice cream shop you can find “Hokey Pokey” …honeycomb ice cream!

Just watch the video if you want to make it. I followed his directions for the sauce topping exactly, but I just used a yellow cake mix and used Olive oil instead of veg, and yogurt and honey instead of water. Plus the zest.

I know food pictures are gross. And this one is no exception. But mmmmm….zest.20140228-105616.jpgAfter the cake is baked you put slits in it so it can soak up all the deliciousness.

Honeycomb slits are optional :)20140228-114912.jpgTa da! I’ll be serving the cake with strawberries and greek yogurt like he did, too! And some honey comb slices on the side :)20140228-114936.jpg

Good hair day + baking selfie required! 20140228-115012.jpgI can’t wait to taste it. In fact, I may not be able to resist. Only for the Roundhills. Only…for…the…Roundhills.

Happy freakin’ weekend!

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