Love from New Zealand!

Well, somewhere between the snow laden forest of the last post, and the sun drenched tree ferns of this, I stepped through the wardrobe.

I am holiday camping through New Zealand with my world traveling sister.

I have hiked the marshes around mordor, kayaked glow worm caves, delighted in jungle waterfalls, giggled at aqua waves lapping around the sea cliffs of Cair Paravel, hopped out of hobbit holes, botanical gardened, lantern festivaled, and watched fireworks from a volcano.

I’ve mostly been taking pictures with my camera, and will post them when I get home. But it’s always fun to send a virtual blog post card while I’m traveling. I usually have more leisure time to do so, traveling with a Collins. But I am traveling Jamie Spiro style, and the irony of the curling iron in my carpet bag in the middle of the bush has made me laugh several times. All that to say, I hardly ever have Internet, but I carved out some time at a cafe this morning to work on the book and say hello!

Speaking of the book, I have been SO inspired here! I have glow worms in my story, but had never seen them in person to make an accurate description, and every where you turn here there is some magical landscape waiting to be carved into a chapter. The indigenous people here call moths “children of the stars.” My heart! I don’t have a whole lot to say by way of explanation there, but this line for my book hit me hard today:

“Be brave enough to shine your light, and you will fly.”

It may seem silly written here out of context, but they are words just as powerful for the middle aged as for the young. There is no room for fear if you are to be a child of light. At least in my figurative world, and here in this traveling one.

I’m homesick for my boys and for my friends, oddly. Though before I left I felt like butter scraped over too much bread and longed for adventure, I am missing my own shire. Every day feels like a week when you travel, doesn’t it? But as I cannot stop singing, “the road goes ever on and on!”

Next stop, dolphins in the bay islands!

Xoxo, wish you were here,
Love from Middle Earth!


P.S. the ferns here are a huge part of the culture. The Maori get swirl tattoos which symbolize their fiddlehead fronds, and they get another baby one curling off of the first for each child they have. Precious! On our night kayaking trip our guide showed us the silver ferns, reflecting the moon light. The Maori made silver body paint with them.

When I first saw a tree fern I was so excited! And then I hiked through a whole forest of them to a hot spring river and my mind was completely blown. I didn’t even have space in my brain for such a thing truly existing, though I had written one into my book. I have been utterly flabbergasted at every turn here. It’s beautifully overwhelming.

Ok, now I’m done! Bye!

5 thoughts on “Love from New Zealand!

  1. Thank you for your blog post card! I’ve been dying to hear about your adventures. I’m so happy that you’ve had this trip to refresh and inspire you. I miss you, but I’ll see you when you get back.

  2. Sounds delightful! Enjoy your time. Your words “butter scraped over too much bread” are really resonating with me this morning.

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