I’ve been inspired by waterfalls, as of late. I’m waiting to know what secret metaphor is churning under the emerald bubbles. All I know for now is that I have a yearning to hunt for them, to seek them out in the mossy crags and breathe in their mist. snoqualmie fallsemerald river-001emerald river 2-001These photos are from my recent trip to Snoqualmie falls.

Even before I went there, though, I painted this:waterfall painting-001Waterfall Glen, by Bridget Beth

I’m leaving for New Zealand on monday and I am hoping my sister and I find at least one gorgeous mossy tumbling waterfall we can get up close to. It will be summer there, and sometimes that means water dries up, but even the thought of finding exotic fruit and a bright river bed is thrilling! I went to Hawaii with my friend Erin a few years ago, and we did a hike through guava trees and a bamboo forest up to a waterfall. It was one of the most magical experiences of my life. That was my last tropical experience, I’m sorry to say, and I’m dying for something similar! NZ has some subtropical forests I’m excited to see. Did you know they have glowing mushrooms! Eeee!CIMG5904Hana with Erin. Erin’s getting married in a month. I’m so happy for her! CIMG5879
And to add more excitement to the waterfall zeitgeist, the latest Sunset Magazine has a Washington waterfalls map! Elation! I have it pinned to the wall of my studio like a treasure map waiting to be explored. I want to find some of them with the boys this summer. I can’t wait for no school and warmer weather!20140208-154803.jpg

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