“I must have flowers, always and always.” ~Claude Monet

Oooooh…you guys. I have gardening on the brain. 20140130-135739.jpgSelf portrait of me during winter. hehe!

I have a globe thistle in my makeshift conservatory in the kitchen, seeds for double poppies, and primroses lining the front path!

One of my biggest excitements, though?
THIS HOLLYHOCK should bloom this year: screenshot2010-08-06at10-55-48am1

I took this picture in Langley a few years ago and finally took the plunge in planting it last summer. It’s a second year bloomer and for me to plant something that takes so much faith means it has to be as magical and lovely as unicorn breath. But oh my goodness I cannot wait to see how it does.  (Little leaves have grown already!)

And bluebells and crocuses are popping up all over the courtyard. At least that’s what I think they are. The sellers had covered them all up with wood chips so I am obviously in absolute glee dreaming of having my very own surprise bluebell wood! This is how I envision them looking around the shed in spring:20140204-122837.jpgPhoto taken from Jennifer Keener @pinterest

Haha!  Isn’t that picture perfect?  I even have that green arched door!

Obligatory picture of me in a Scottish bluebell wood. (Thanks Dan Roundhill)taking pictures bluebells bridgetI am trying hard to be patient and wait and see what does well from last year, and what comes up as a surprise, before I start letting my imagination run wild. I have it in my head to make the beds bigger in the front to create more room for perennials. I want Miss Marple’s cottage in St. Mary Mead! Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 9.10.40 PMScreen Shot 2014-01-28 at 9.32.10 PMI want the secret garden! Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 2.26.41 PMI want the world!  I want the WHOLE world!! ….oops, wrong post.Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 11.15.56 PMHere’s my little garden from last summer. We cut a few trees so it can have more sun. I’m thinking begonias again, and some partial shade wild flowers for this spring!DSC01377DSC01387Florals have been sneaking into my style, too. I did a whole post on this about a year ago, but it remains tried and true: I LOVE Geraldine as Miss Marple! I’ve been inspired by her style, and Call the Midwife, and Mary Poppins as of late. I cut my hair short and Beau encouraged me to try curling it and pinning it back like the girls in Call the Midwife. It very well may be my favorite hair style to date! And all these years I was trying to grow my hair out. tsk tsk, Bridget! Beau says he thinks he prefers my hair short to long. Take THAT internet! (If you haven’t read article after article berating men for not liking short hair–or berating women for cutting it– as of late, then take no notice of the previous sentence).20140130-135834.jpg20140204-123734.jpg

I love them.

Anyhoooo….It is always this time of year that my garden lust takes place: when things begin to open, like my camellias and my lenten rose, but not EVERYTHING, and certainly no viny, lush, green swaths of anything. And my heart is in a bud and my head is asking “WHY!?” So to Pinterest I go! To breathe as many irretrievable garden vignettes as I can. Then I swear I almost feel worse…and cold. So I figure I must LOOK like I am going to a garden party!

I want FLORAL and TWEED and RUFFLES and leather buttons and barrettes and cable knit and embroidery!Desktop94

Basically Miss Marple and all her pretty little friends…sigh.  You know something funny?  I was looking up Miss Marple on Pinterest and found my own inspiration collage I made the last time I was obsessed with her.  I forgot that I’d pinned it. screen-shot-2011-12-18-at-3-46-24-pmAnyway, I was feeling this extreme floral crave, and eyeing a carpet bag at Anthropologie. I’ve always wanted a Mary Poppins/Anne Shirley/Marple/Merlin esque carpet bag. You know, this one: Collages164

I love how Merlin says to Arthur after he’s amazed at the magical way he fits everything into his bag, “Well now, just a minute boy, how else would you get all this stuff into one’s suitcase, I’d like to know?”

I had a gift card Lucy gave me for Christmas and was deliberating and deliberating, then the other day I went to Anthro to buy it.

and it was sold out.

I was kinda bummed, and deigned to wear a plain grey purse with almost an exact marple outfit (even a magnifying glass necklace! Though not in the shape of a heart) to writer’s group. And the most synchronistic thing happened! Rachel said she’d bought something for me at the thrift store, and she hoped I liked it.


Well, that’s that! I am complete.

The bag now holds my manuscript, diapers, my computer, a pair of tortoise shell glasses, my wallet, a journal and pen, and a ticket to the NW flower and garden show!

I love Rachel!  She is planning her own garden, too.  A vegetable patch that would make even Mr. McGreggor jealous, I think.  And she is the proud owner of a bunch of chicks that will lay blue eggs.  Oh what fun to have such a fabulous friend!

DSC01590Rachel and I in a lovely herb garden in Sequim.

Well, I’m off to ride the east wind and enjoy a big bunch of Snap Dragons I got at the market today. I want to do some sketches and paintings under their bright, biting boughs. Au Revoir!20140204-122820.jpg20140130-140243.jpg

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