Faith, Trust, and Pixie dust!

I never never want Finn to grow up. He’s seven. SEVEN?! Yes. A couple of weeks ago he said he wanted a “chocolate pirate rainbow sparkle cake!” I tried to think of some way to tie all of that into a theme. Of course Neverland!

DSC03361Oh my goodness, I had so much fun planning this party. I tried to document as best as I could, but I mostly only got pictures from before the guests arrived, and the ones I got of the guests were a pretty shabby. But I did get my own lost boys:DSC03373But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start at the beginning…

The invite:Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 11.57.36 PM

Our front door became the second star to the right!DSC03382…and straight on till morning! Harry is obsessed with those wings. He points to them and says, byfwy! (butterfly) DSC03351What do we have here?

A pixie dust trail coming through the peep hole! It’s Tink!DSC03299 Think happy thoughts! She’ll help you flyyyy….To Neverland! DSC03388Pirate life boats. DSC03386Napkins with “kisses” on them. Peter pan green and pixie gold was my very lose color scheme.DSC03439The mermaid lagoon! This is my favorite punch. 7up and lime sherbet. It looks way better in a punch bowl. Note to self: buy punch bowl.DSC03396I made a banner out of a little Disney Peter Pan book. Those paintings are so precious! DSC03303Pirate treasure at Skull Rock! DSC03346DSC03309

Lost boy loot!DSC03324

I got the idea for Peter’s shadow online. I drew him and cut him out of construction paper. When you turn off the lamp he disappears! My boys thought it was real until they saw the paper I cut him out of! During the party we played a hide the shadow game. One person left the room and when they came back in everyone would clap louder and louder as they got closer to the shadow. The kids loved it. DSC03321The loot all had a theme. Red man peace pipes (licorice), pixie sticks and pixie dust, pirate flags and cannon balls (chocolate peanut butter balls), treasure, and crocodiles! All sealed up in little Peter Pan “hats.”DSC03312Where did I get all this pixie dust??

Pixie Hollow!DSC03393I finally snuck a fairy party into my life. Lucky me!

I bought wings for the girls to wear, made pixie play dough, had fairy books to read, sparkly nail polish, and the Disney movie playing in this area. DSC03340 Pixie Play dough is super easy to make. I followed a recipe online and added green food coloring and glitter. DSC03369Fact: The only girls who deigned to wear the green fairy wings at the party were these ones:DSC03427The Indian Camp!DSC03392I served a Native American brand of red chips on the food table, had little head dresses for the kids to wear, and made tiger lilies!DSC03330Again…I’m pretty sure the only guest to wear one was….Jenny Tiger Lily. But her little Elliot came as a fairy, and Wes came as Captain Hook!DSC03399The Roundhill girls came as fairies, too! (And I think Hazel was the most excited about all the pirate stuff out of all the kids)DSC03422

The Crocodile Pinata! Finn's 7th birthday neverland-001I wish I could have taken more pictures of the kids. Each one of them was so precious or hilarious. (Jack said he wanted to be the Lost boy dressed as a skunk.) They were all so darling! We also played Freeze Dance (So we could practice freezing when Pirates were near).

And finally…The cake! In case you can’t tell, it’s Never Never land, the island in the sky. The stars are both stars and pixie dust!DSC03353I got a picture of Finn when he first saw it: DSC03362“Mama mama! You know how some kids have chocolate, and some kids have vanilla? Well I want to have chocolate AND vanilla!”DSC03437I can’t believe my little Finnadore is seven! Beau and I looked at pictures of him when he was one, tonight after he went to bed. He was as blonde as could be and full of smiles and kisses. He still is. Every day of my life is filled with pixie dust from this little boy. He makes my heart fly.DSC03434

Here’s the rest of my little photo shoot with the boys:DSC03374DSC03375 DSC03377 DSC03378

12 thoughts on “Faith, Trust, and Pixie dust!

  1. Wow, so amazing. Peter Pan is my all-time favorite story. I will be forcing my children at an early age to love Peter Pan. Is that mean? ;)

  2. This looks like the most amazing and magical birthday party!!! Am just stunned by all the details and clever ideas! Joy!!!

  3. All your details truly were amazing! So glad I got to come and appreciate them…Wes appreciated the movie and Elliot enjoyed finding everyone’s candy!

  4. I am dying. Every little thing! Oh the cleverness of you. Also, that little photo shoot of the three boys is perfect. Finn as your little Peter Pan, Oliver as an Indian because, obviously, and your little Arthur Rackham fairy pan for Harry. Fits them to a tee. Also, those gift bags. What?! Perfection. Did you make the cake yourself??! Your boys’ childhood memories will be filled with wonder and magic and an omnipresence of love and creativity on their behalf that is YOU.

  5. Bridget, of all the amazing things you can do/have done….this is my absolute favorite!!! Heavens! J.M. Barrie would approve!

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