Sunlight, and 11 ways to beat SAD

Today it is sunny! I can’t tell you how it lifts my spirit! I get depressed from seasonal affective disorder every year living in the northwest, so when the sun comes out it is like a holiday! The boys lifted the shades for me as I was groggily awakening and there was the sun, rising above the rooftops. Gleeee!

When I came home from dropping Finn off Beau could tell I’d taken my time. He said, “did you go someplace to enjoy the sun?” Yep. I went to the lake! It is so beautiful in the morning. I grew up by the sea and it would usually take until late morning for it to warm up. I delighted in finding bright shimmers on the water looking to the east!

The house is full of light. I put the crystal knobs I got at a jumble sale in London and they fill the room with a confetti of rainbows. The boys love twirling them.

Right now the boys are taking turns putting each other in a box full of blankets. They’re sweetly tending to the one in the box, reading, getting them drinks of water, caressing their cheek. They are so precious. And they’re covered in rainbows!

The other night when I was putting Finn to bed he said, “my heart is full of love, Mama. And that love is you.”
That’s how right now feels. My heart is full of light and love. And it’s all these beautiful boys.

Ok, now that I’m feeling so well, I wanted to give some tips for combatting the cloud blues (besides going on a vacation!):

1. Fill your house with flowers (they can even be fake)


2. Cut back branches, and wash your windows and mirrors so when there is light, it’s not dimmed by foliage and grime.

3. Watch documentaries that showcase nature in bloom and sunlight. My favorite right now is Moving Art: forest.

4. Get out. Even if it’s raining and cloudy. You’ll get more light outside than in, and the expanse and fresh air will do your heart good.

5. Turn on all your bedroom lights earlier than the sun comes up. I know it’s important to conserve energy, but I have to trick my brain into thinking the sun is actually out. It jumpstarts my internal clock.

6. Dress like it’s summer, just add boots and a sweater. I’ll wear floral, bright colors, sometimes even something tropical, and I’ll put a little bronzer on my cheeks on days when I feel like the world is a constant monotone of gray.

7. Take your vitamins and eat a balanced diet. (Especially vitamin D!)

8. Drink caffiene, but not too much. (Too much makes me crash in the afternoon, and then not be able to sleep well.)

9. Sleep well! Go to bed an hour earlier. One winter I had Beau put our Internet on a timer so I couldn’t browse it at night!

10. Exercise. Even if it’s doing 10 sit-ups a day.

11. Do frivolous things you enjoy that are for YOU. Especially if they’re things you might usually do during the summer. Read a fun book and pretend you’re poolside, paint a small wall a bright color, make a tropical salad, go to the conservatory…

I’m watching a documentary about butterflies (wings of life), drinking Irish Tea, and writing this post. (I love blogging! And usually tire of it in the winter)

Have a lovely day!

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