sunset sky ravennaleaves stephanieThis is Stephanie. Stephanie is a film teacher, a writer, a camp director, a singer. She reminds me of Charlize Theron. She speaks fluently in Shakespearean tongue. She let me know that this is my ice cream year (31 flavors!) and every time I am with her I feel as though I am walking on a tendril of sun. Her words drip with love and truth. I am lucky to be able to have moments like these with her; in pubs, under stars, amid blackberries and brambles. Her tender, witty heart is untamed, yet she lets me harness her light from time to time. Like a bird with bright beautiful wings she lets me touch. While on this walk in the middle of fall we were brushed with clouds and swept by leaves as we ruminated over our own seasons of change. Along the way we found a whole enormous tree fallen over, its roots dangling out from its base like a fork full of spaghetti. That is how it feels with Stephanie. As if at any moment her roots could pluck up and flutter away to find a new home. I like it: it smells of adventure, and whimsy, and daring. Were the call to come, she would rise and meet it. And a few of those feathers brush off on me. Pictures347 stephanie ravennabridget ravenna park

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