The Boat Street Cafe

I painted this one a while back.  Beau and I went on a rare date and I had heard about The Boat Street Cafe from friends so we gave it a whirl.  DSC02782I LOVED it.  It was just my cup of tea, all lantern and twinkly lit. I’ll like to go back during the summer and sit in their courtyard.  Maybe I’ll snap a pic to paint then as well. The FOOD was just as delicious as the ambiance, mind you.  It was a dream.DSC02334

DSC02338Beau and I walked from there to the Great Wheel and went for a spin.  I had never been, and seeing the city from way up high, and looking down on those teeny ferries was so fun! My head was all full of carnival moonlight.  DSC02351It’s enough removed now that I can’t remember the specifics of what I wore or what we said, but I remember holding Beau’s hand and feeling warm even with the cold dark sea surrounding us. Beauty.    DSC02343 DSC02333

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