Of brightly colored birds.

I’ve had birds on the mind lately. I’m an absolute feather head thinking of them. Specifically bright colored ones. I can’t stop thinking about Huckleberry and Mononoke (Huck and Ok), the pretty blue finches with rosy cheeks I had to return after discovering my bird allergy. They were so cute, hopping up and down with pieces of straw, and singing their cheerful songs! IMG_2265Until I had them I had been gulping down a large desire for a parrot. The finches were much more practical and just as pretty. You’d think that learning once and for all how I couldn’t live with birds would stop my bird desire harboring, but alas…I think it may have made it worse. My heart swells a little when I think of them and I get a crazy impulse to just go out and buy some more all over again.

And it is not being helped by things like THIS:Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 12.23.30 AM

Good grief. Jamie posted this picture on her instagram and It’s killing me. A pink parrot? A darling little fluffy one at that!

And then I saw this dress at Anthropologie. The only one. And tried it on and it fit, and I LOVED IT! But I didn’t buy it because it was crazy static and a little too thin. It’d be one of those things I’d look at and think, When will I ever wear that thing? But it still made me swoon for a bird.Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 12.21.28 AM

And while looking through Stephanie Puy-Mun Law’s paintings (Shadowscapes.com) I saw this:Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 5.01.51 PM


And then I saw these cockatoos on one of my favorite blogger’s mantle:IMG_6954_SMALL

They’re from Artemis Russell’s blog Junkaholique, the maker of Rust jewelry. I’m crazy about Artemis’s blog and when I saw those birds I thought, hey! I should just buy fake birds! So I went on a hunt on Etsy.

Where I found this:


And this: il_570xN.484202631_bgvv

Still debating whether to buy this dress. I think I may need to go to value village for a reality check before I shell out for the finders fee.

But then I saw these:il_570xN.534202684_52kh

Still a bit much…

And THEN! Voila:il_570xN.544521697_pyz7It’s a lovebird planter! Not blue like my birds, but they have the sweet cheeks! And only $10. Sold! I’m so happy. I can’t wait for it to come!IMG_2284

And on a final note…(Bird note)…

Beau believes very strongly that birds should not be caged. His grandparents had a pretty rainbow colored macaw when he was little, and he had a green parrot growing up. He said, though he loved them, it always made him sad that they were not flying free in the wild. He has always encouraged me to stop pining after owning one. Today I took Harry down to the UW Horticultural center and we were surrounded by blackbirds with brightly colored wings. They looked like black parrots. A couple of birders came by with their binoculars and said it was the first day they’d come back to the cattails. I took it as a sign for me: I can experience birds in the wild, I only have to venture out and be among them. Better than any cage or allergen filled house, wouldn’t you say? I’m hoping for lots of such experiences this year.

Right after I wrote this the etsy seller apologized for having broke my lovebird planter while she was wrapping it! What kind of karma is that?! I don’t believe in karma, but still…poop.

One thought on “Of brightly colored birds.

  1. I’m thinking birding is a great alternative for sure. I bet there are great birding spots all over our lovely state…

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