PNW is best: Islands

deception pass stars-001So have I ever happened to mention how beautiful Whidbey Island is?  (That’s a joke.  I can’t stop).

This past summer we had a golden day on the island with the Roundhills and their Scottish adopted family member Beth Duncan. Double Bluff and little Langley (where Beth compared eating pizza on the cliff to the Amalfi coast).  And then our little brood road tripped out to find phosphorescence in the pass. We ended up picnicking in Coopeville with live music and a view of ships at sea, then made it to Deception Pass as the sun set.  There was no phosphorescence for us (though I did scale a dewy rope down a sand dune to find some…and somehow managed to be accosted by a very slimy slug) but we got to see one of the most breathtaking sunsets, rivaling any Grecian isle’s. The next night was the new moon and Beau and I found glowing waves at Edmonds Beach, so it wasn’t a complete loss! Sometimes you reach for the moon, and land among the stars. DSC01669-001

^^That’s Finn log surfing^^

DSC01678-001My pictures are all jumbled.  I care more about colors than sequenciality while blogging sometimes.  Also, I make up words while blogging sometimes.  Like sequentiality.double bluff DSC01652 DSC01659 DSC01668hazel oliver beachDSC01682DSC01681DSC01686-001 DSC01695DSC01687-003DSC01690-001So I’m sure you could guess…but I added the twinklies to this picture: DSC01698Think of it as an artist’s rendition of the evening rather than cheating.  WINK WINK!deception pass stars-004

3 thoughts on “PNW is best: Islands

  1. That was such an amazing day for me too. I started out emotional drained. The beach was so uplifting to my soul! Probably in my top ten favorite things from 2013!

  2. what beautiful photos of a beautiful experience. my heart longs to move back as soon as i am able. i have visions of an open field with a huge bonfire, friends dancing around it in celebration of the solstice, culminating in laughter and conversation in a giant teepee with sparkle lights strung around the top inside… this dream must come true.

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