All good things…

We had one of the loveliest weeks we’ve ever had. Our first Christmas in the burrow and we all had the whole week off. My heart has been exploding with happiness. Does it really have to end?

I love to read, but I tend to read only half of books. I always excitedly start several at a time, get all the hot air pumping into my heart until I get lift…and then I want to stay among the stars and never come down.

Last night I finally read the last half of Stardust. And this morning I feel deflated. Cars are whizzing past the house in torrents and the twinkle lights look dull. Christmas is over.

Christmas morning was quiet. That word is my favorite in all the world right now. Our bustling street was perfectly still for a few blessed hours while I delighted in the boys awakening to a day of magic. I had a rare silent morning by the fire, rustling the packages and grins beaming bright. There was no distraction, no sound, and no end. This was the first Christmas we didn’t have to pack up as soon as we’d started and go to someone’s house. We were home in our quiet house all the delicious day.

This Christmas was spread out over the whole week. Two Christmas eves, two Christmases. We went to my cousins’ for carols and oodles of children, to the Roddy’s for an Italian meal from scratch and advent, to my parents’ on wren day for an Irish feast, and we had the Audetts over on Christmas Day for lamb shepherds pie. I spent the day fiddling in the kitchen with my fox apron and paper crown….It felt just right.

But out of all the miriad of events this year, my new favorite tradition was letting off sky lanterns. They flew up into the heavens and their bright burning orbs blended with the stars. I thought of the star over Bethlehem and was filled with awe.

In Stardust a star falls from the heavens and is found by a young man. She wants nothing more than to be back up in the heavens again, but it is impossible.


They adventure together, and fall in love, and eventually live in a stronghold that has high towers that almost reach the sky, but she can still never go back. The author says they did not live happily ever after, because happiness doesn’t last forever. Isn’t that sad? and depressingly true?

The story ends with her all alone looking up into the stars.

(End spoiler)

As I take down Christmas, that is how I feel. I am realizing as I glumly deflate why I tend to not finish books. I don’t like endings! When the sky lanterns’ light would burn out, my heart would sink. I wanted them to keep going and going, out over the sea and to stay with the stars forever. And I want to, too.

But I cannot. All good things must come to an end. But my soul is feeling the worth of it all and keeping it dear in a reminiscent glow, burning deep in my heart.

There is no really wonderful ending to this post, which is appropriate I suppose. But I do have some pictures :)




Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

One thought on “All good things…

  1. I like happy endings. But, in truth there is never an ending in life or in death. Life always goes on after an ending. Death is a continuance in heaven on a totally different plane.

    Some of my best times during Christmas come after all the festivities are done. I love quiet days when with cup of coffee in hand I can curl up on the couch, surrounded by Christmas. Sometimes, if we have snow, we sit outside with our coffee. I can feel the quiteness outside. The lake is frozen, Mike’s Christmas tree on the dock is lit and the only intrusion is the noise of the humming birds fighting over who is going to control the feeders.


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