The North Pole

20131223-095202.jpgWe call Leavenworth “The North Pole.” This year Finn was old enough to read the sign and Beau said, “Leavenworth is German for North Pole!” 20131223-095814.jpg
I love going up when it’s a winter wonderland and every Bavarian piece of gingerbread town is covered in Christmas lights. This year when the lights came on after the countdown I was DELIGHTED to find how detailed and extensive they’ve gotten. They get better and better! Every single tree is covered now, some with those icy white tiny lights, some look like big colorful gumdrops, and one was dripping with all different colors and kinds and polka dotted with lit snowflakes. It was so happy!
Leavenworth has a lighting festival on the weekends, a sledding arena surrounded by lit trees, fires along the main strip, live music in the bandstand, nutcracker characters, Father Christmas, darling themed shops, restaurants with all the antlers and bratwurst and beer your heart desires, and a gorgeous walk along the river.

I have loved going ever since I was a little girl with my German Opa dressed in leighderhosen. I love sharing the tradition with my boys!

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