Solstice days

Today is the last day of a waning sun. The last breath of autumn. Tomorrow is the solstice, the first day of winter, and the beginning of returning light.

There is only one tiny slice of sky outside my bedroom window. A chimney, a window covered in foil, and peeling paint of the house next-door obscure my view. Yet it did not stop the light shining orange on Beau’s face as he lifted the shade and woke me yesterday with “this is something you will like.”

I have been clutching every bit of light that comes my way like a black hole absorbing stars. I have found the brightest moments are the ones you cannot create or expect.

This morning was another surprise. The squealing joy of Finn Theodore. why does he have to be so loud? I thought. I opened my eyes groggily to find rosy cheeked Oliver nestled in next to me. Then I heard with clearer ears Finn’s voice ring out, “it’s snowing!!!”

20131220-162100.jpgA Christmas surprise! I had no idea the morning would bring so much cheer! We’ve been sick the last few days, and I’ve been depressed by the dark. A bit of time off to just bask in the carefree white light of a snowy day was just what we needed.

Inside this cozy burrow is a mama owl making a roast with Yorkshire pudding and fresh biscotti. Three little owlets are nuzzled up by the fire and the father is getting ready to take a whole week off.

There will be christmas crowns, and floating lanterns, and hot toddies. There will be music and merriment and excursions to the North Pole.

I may have made the fire alarm go off, accidentally sprayed the kitchen with fried fish grease, and had to decline two Christmas get togethers from our sniffles… But we’re finding that slice of light in the narrowest of places. The soft dim glow of our dying sun.

Our days are merry and bright.



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