Pretty moving-pictures.

I wanted to show you some
lovely, free, whimsical videos
I’ve been swooning over.

This video is so strange and hauntingly beautiful.  It’s one of the film projects for Sigur Ros. I love snails, foxes, and stars! (just a heads up, the fox dies somewhat graphically.  My sensitive boys wouln’t be able to watch it.)
I also just watched Sigur Ros’ Glosoli video again.  If you haven’t seen it, you’re in for a treat:

Foraging for mushrooms in Sweden with Jamie Oliver. This clip makes me all frittery inside! It’s like watching a couple of hobbits in a magic forest.
Start at 11:29 on part 1 and then continue watching the rest of the mushroom cooking on Part 2. Or just watch the whole thing.  Heck, watch the whole series!  I loved it :)  This link starts it on Anna’s island full of mushrooms: Shot 2013-12-19 at 10.24.41 PM(Watch out though…that woman has got some serious boobage going on!)

A Child’s Christmas in Wales.  Honestly, I think reading this or hearing it (Joey read it to the writer’s group at our Christmas party!) might be better. You can do that here. But my boys had me show them the balloon popping part over and over and over.  And getting to actually see the things being talked about is fun (flaming pudding!).  Aaand I have a granddaughter crush on Denholm Elliott.  (He’ll always be Marcus Brody to me!)

And then there’s this: It’s just ridiculous, and never fails to make us laugh.

One thought on “Pretty moving-pictures.

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