As of late.

1. We went to The Hobbit and the Mirkwood Elves’ home reminded me of a trip we took to Mt Raineer last year.
2. Joey wore her hair like Tauriel under the Cinerama stars!
3.Fog coming from Wolf Bay.
4. Our paper white blooms.
5. Trees on Seattle cranes.
6. Over looking Paradise Ridge (from last year).
7. On a brunch date at Frank’s.
8. Thanksgiving fog in the Salish Sea.
9. Nums and prezzies for The Kindreds.
10. An embroidered vintage find.
11. Blueberry milk with marshmallows.
12. My present to the writers: books and typewriter charms.
13. Lanterns light the way around Green Lake.
14. Snuggles with Oli Bear.
15. New shade from Rachel: “REALLY RED”
16. My deer becomes Rudolf!
17. Yew sprigs from right outside our door.
18. A frozen fountain in the village.
19. My little “helpers”
20. Stephanie giving us a tour of candy cane lane in her vw “sleigh”
21. The girls cozying in the back seat.
22. A makeshift tent from a broken hula hoop and some old sheets!
23. Finn’s decoration for the mailbox.

Oops.. There’s a number missing! Oh well.

And no pics of Finn :(
He’s off for the next two weeks! I can’t wait to spend some time with him!

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