O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum…

This year I was set on getting a tree like the one in Harry Potter’s common room. I wanted it to have a big mess of untrimmed branches, and to let the boys decorate it haphazardly. 20131212-075301.jpg
When I saw this one sitting among perfect little cone trees my heart leapt! It looks like it just got out of the dryer! A ball of fluff with one loooong point at the top!20131212-075459.jpg
I let the boys decorate it all by themselves. Then I used an idea I got off Pinterest and put ping pong balls on some of the lights. It is the most adorable tree I’ve ever seen! (the top left picture is from Candy Cane Lane. I remember my parents taking me there when I was a kid, and now we can walk to it! I love Ravenna!)20131212-075702.jpg
I also got a white tree a couple weeks ago. Beau said I couldn’t have two trees this year, so I got two half trees! That makes total sense right?? 20131212-093434.jpg

I have a crush on owls, can you tell?

Here’s the Harry Potter tree I was thinking of:20131212-080623.jpg
Isn’t it so happy?!


It’s a bit precarious and crooked.  Well, a lot bit.  I love it. 20131212-093424.jpgHave a holly jolly day!

One thought on “O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum…

  1. Sometimes the most imperfect is the most perfect……..in the eyes of a child. They will remember the magic of Chriatmas & this beautiful puff ball Harry Potter Tree.

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