This is the very first year I FORGOT A CHRISTMAS CARD!

Happy Holidays!



Love The Collins Family.

I was one of the sad few still making one when everyone went paperless.  Well…here we go.  A paperless Christmas letter to you, my beautiful blog readers.

This year was a big one. Beau and I turned 30.  We had our 10 year anniversary.  We bought a hobbit hole in Ravenna.

HOME: We’ve named our house The Burrow. For things like Weasleys, hobbits, and burrowing owls. City life is oh so classy and hip and edgy. And yet, the forest and gardens of this thriving neighborhood keep me satisfyingly soft. We love our old house.  We talk about it like a new boyfriend, syruply and swooning. Its round door, its quirky stair cases, the hidden patio tucked in the back…it’s worth every truck and bus storming up from the Montlake Bridge.  Plus, I now live on the same street as Anthropologie…What’s not to love? Decorating for Christmas has felt like decorating a real life gingerbread house. SWOON!

BEAU: Beau is still working for Automattic (WordPress) and loving it. He has the perfect job, getting to work from home and do lots of dishes.  Ha ha, just kidding! But not really This year he got to travel to Greece for a meet up, and will be going to Japan in January.  He also went on a backpacking trip with the guys this summer. The obsession that stands out most in my mind this year was his late night forays into the world of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.  Uh oh….when I asked him what that book was called he said, “Is this stuff you’re telling people?  Just tell them I’m alive and well.” So I’ll stop there.

BRIDGET: This year I wrote the first draft of my book, painted, decorated the new house, read half of several books, and survived living with three lost boys. I went on lots of adventures with The Kindreds (my bff’s and writing group), Aaaaand I got to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with one of my most favorite friends, Juliana! It was literally the most magical thing I’ve ever done. I am also planning a trip with my sister Jamie to New Zealand in February!! (Actually she’s planning it.  All I know is I’m seeing glow worm caves and hobbit holes…squeee!)

FINN: The ever extroverted, valiant Finn will be 7 in February.  He started first grade at Bryant Elementary this year, and is a proud member of their chess club. Finn is a dreamer, creator, and tender heart. He’s fallen in love with several girls this year. He is intensely thoughtful of others and is always bringing me sparkly or flowery things he knows I’ll love. He sees the world in his own whimsical way and draws me into it.  If Finn could live inside Legend of Zelda and have a sword and shield and a fairy side kick he would do it in a hot second.

OLIVER: My swarthy, introverted enigma is three.  He’s a big lump of softness that you have to pretend to ignore to get any snuggling from. He laughs at jokes I don’t think he’ll be able to understand.  He is crafty. He can get me to do ANYTHING he wants me to do. He loves watching cooking shows and “helping” me cook. He has a hard time clapping because he has absolutely no coordination, yet he loves doing ninja moves. He talks to imaginary creatures much of the time, and looks like a small animal caught in a bush when he realizes you’re listening to him. One of his quirks is cutting stuff up in a secret spot.  I’ll find the mail cut up into millions of pieces tucked behind the couch or under the table.

HARRY: Harry is currently wearing two different shoes and a black eye. He is a squirrel on steroids, a firecracker, a pulsating star. He has eaten three of my lipsticks this week.  He loves walking on his tip toes, spinning in circles, and jumping off things and into your arms without giving you any warning. He thinks it’s hilarious to scream in the car to get a big reaction out of me. If I ever can’t find him he’s usually in the bathroom brushing his teeth. He smiles and flirts with everyone. He hates being cold and his tiny body, which usually is robust and bearlike, turns into a shivering rabbit in my arms. His tiny little shoulders! He’ll be two in February, but he’s still a baby to me.

P.S. This year the boys were ring bearers in Beau’s sister Nicole’s wedding in Cincinatti!  A huge detail that didn’t fit into any one category here, but was a highlight of the year!

May this year bring you much joy and love!

3 thoughts on “This is the very first year I FORGOT A CHRISTMAS CARD!

  1. I am impressed. If it were not for the fact that my 11 year old grandaughter designed and with my help published her own Christmas cards I would not bw mailing any out this year. I usually don’t. In fact the last time I mailed cards out was when my now 34 year old son also designed and with my help, published his own cards. That was about 24 years ago. I know – that’s really bad! Lol. Life gets so busy. I find FB one of the best ways to keep up with everyone & tell them what I am doing & how I feel.about the latest political issue.

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