Moth Couture

Sometimes I’ll spend an afternoon doing something kinda strange and then I’ll suddenly realize… if anyone knew I was doing this, they’d think it was really weird.

And then I put it on my blog.Desktop89-001 My book is about a little girl working in a textile factory at the turn of the 20th century.  She loves to embroider silk into pretty starry, floral patterns.  What she doesn’t know is she is using the very silk made by the moth faeries, and her nimble fingers weave threads laced with their magic.  I imagine the characters wearing Edwardian, art nouveau, and 1920’s fashions. I’ve been looking up silk fabrics, brocades, and embroidery today and I have been utterly delighted by my discoveries.

I found pictures of dresses made during that era by the Callot Soeurs in France. They were four sisters who had a love for embroidering silk dresses with metallic lamé and ribbon flowers. Their style was considered unique at the time, but loved in the court. The whole idea of them set sparks to my imagination. I see them in their Parisienne workshop being like some of my characters; little moths who illuminate their silk so beautifully it seems that it must be done with magic.

What is more, I wanted my characters to be dressed like moths. (because some of them really are moths)  I didn’t even know if there were any fashions during the time period that could accommodate for that, but I wrote them into my story out of thin air.  I’m tickled pink knowing now that what I wrote really, truly works!  The faerie kingdom and Edwardian silk blend perfectly in my story.  I made the collages to show you what I mean! All my images are sourced hereDesktop89 I’m also loving all things mothy today. I found This jewelry made from transferring moth wings onto fabric. WOW!Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 5.54.37 PM and JeeYoung Lee’s beautiful art scapes in her studio.  WOW!  I love that cocoon! See the little feet poking through?  They’re actually not little.  This scene is life size! You can see more of her work here.jeeyoung_lee_opiom_gallery_322 aaaaand…this Luna Moth costume from Cardboard Collective. Squeeee! 1fae8b7f489ee45eec26d7f1400de9e4-1 I hope you’re able to find something quirky and bizarre to delight and get lost in today!

5 thoughts on “Moth Couture

  1. You are imagining and writing the believable Cinderella story! Much closer to “real fantasy” than mice and pumpkins….

    Keep thinking big and far… Disney…..

  2. Thank you, Roberta! That is so encouraging to me. Sometimes I get stifled thinking, “this is so ridiculous” and then I am reminded that every fairy tale would seem ridiculous in the beginning! I LOVE Disney! :)

  3. I love everything about this collage! Beautiful picture analogies. The fairy dresses on the left just morph into the ones on the right!!

    Also, I would love to wear that beautiful burgundy red dress to my next fairy ball.

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