Ruffling out of the edges of my brain…

Starry spires, brocade, violet mist, sails, tiny flower stitches, fawn and silver, tree bough corridors, astronomy clockwork, silvery blue berries, bohemian attics, round cottage doors, glimmery facets, feathery collars, and starchy lace!


Today’s thoughts:

*I would like to dress like a nesting doll.

*I want to walk along the Montlake bridge with its green spires and twig encrusted canal during a foggy sunrise.

*Where can I get blue hair extentions?

*Life is boundless and possessions are unnecessary. Anxiety is creeping in and I say NO!

*I adore my friends. Sigh…I am so lucky.

Oh…and I forgot how I had my hair like this for a couple of days. I wish I could snap my fingers and do it for one more day!blonde bridget

All collage images from pinterest. My pins (and their sources) can be found here.

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