“Shun idleness. It is a rust that attaches itself to the most brilliant of metals.” ~Voltaire

You guys, I’ve been bitten by the crafting bug. I’ve been taking a break from writing, and put my shop on vacation so I could just sit around and relax…haha.  Who did I think I am?

On monday I suddenly got the urge to CUT something! Or GLUE something! Or SEW! …..somewhat shoddily. Nevertheless here are some of the projects I’ve been busily tinkering on.20131120-103947.jpg I’ve had these jewels ready to remake Beau’s Great Grandma Clara’s jewel tree for ten years!  I also collected a few jewels from my side of the family, so it’s a matriarchal heirloom family tree!  I finally got around to buying the frame and pewter velvet and glued those suckers on. It’ll be sparkling up the hollow year round! 20131120-104006.jpg Next, I have wanted a giant metallic letter B for such a long time. Joanne fabrics has big cardboard letters and metallic paint. All for around $25. Not too shabby! 20131120-104045.jpg

Now, please try to envision the following with lots of glittery snow covering all their shabbily made bits.  I’m working on a snowy village!  I’m going to bleach a bunch of bottle brush trees and have some little plastic brown deer with white spots and hopefully put up a long shelf in the dining room to have my little scene. I originally set out to make something super easy, but then I saw the AMAZING giant snow globes at Anthropologie and got all turrety. Mine are pretty silly compared, but the look on my boys’ faces when they woke up this morning and saw the Chateau I made last night was pure delight and whimsy. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and I’m feeling the Christmas magic! (It’s 32 degrees out though so I think I’m entitled, don’t you?)

20131120-104121.jpg     And to take the vibe right out of the holidays….I made some lemon curtains! (They’re just pinned for now, but sometimes that’s all I ever do, ha!) I’ve been wanting to use this fabric for cottage curtains forever.  It’s so cheery!  Something I need on gloomy days.  When Beau saw them he said, “California!” That’s just the look I was going for!20131120-104148.jpg

Next I’m going to make an amaryllis pot with a bed of moss and lichen. Happy wednesday!

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