Today’s muse.

“Take for yourselves quality spices…and you shall make from these a holy anointing oil” Exodus 30:2320131105-120157.jpg20131105-105400.jpg
Last night was so lovely. The Kindreds met at the pub and we poured out our hearts; each our own spice. We come each week and set our incense ablaze with a Spirit who hedges and prunes and flourishes for us when we cannot see the flowers through the overgrowth and darkness. We huddle close to its glow, a sweet fragrance rising, anointing us until next time.

This week has been wretched for Beau and I. I am so thankful for friends who speak wisdom and love into my life. Sarah, Lucy, Juliana, Christy, my mom, and the Kindreds were my muses this week. I love them so dearly!

As Rachel and I were leaving the book shelves last night (after being told they needed to vacuum and close) I noticed the most delicious, bright smell in the darkness.

A scented camellia. A new fragrance I’d never experienced, on one of my favorite flowers! I stole one blossom to take home.

Today the flower is my obsession. It’s blush of pink, it’s spindly gold center, it’s waxy leaves: It is life, and beauty, and beckoning joy. It sits in the windowsill as I sip coffee, watching red dogwood leaves fall and chickadees eating lilac pods in the courtyard. And It says,

“growth and scent, and pleasing things are still hidden, waiting. Things you have never seen or smelled or known.”

I know it’s true.20131105-120005.jpg20131105-120022.jpg20131105-120134.jpg20131105-120253.jpg

3 thoughts on “Today’s muse.

  1. I saw those blooms and was so surprised by them, but didn’t go up to smell them! Leave it to Bridget to veritably drink them in and rejoice in them. You know how to suck the marrow out of life, and you are a muse yourself. Love you.

  2. Love, love, love that you have “Kindreds.” I need some…. I’m so sorry this week has been wretched; it certainly is a sinful, wretched world we live in, but I can always count on you to see (and tell us about) the beauty! Thank you! I have been praying for your family this week and will keep doing so.

  3. Bridget! You won’t believe it, but I did the very same thing! We truly ARE kindred!! I was intoxicated and renewed by the smell. I picked a bloom and held it like a nosegay all the way home. For me it meant life, freshness, God in the details of my weary life, waiting to surprise me with His joy. This post. Your heart. I am so grateful for YOU! Bring on the muses, Lord! We are waiting with joy!

    Love you!


    Sent from my heart

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