Green Lake, Golden.

DSC02549This was an evening where I wished I could absorb entirely all the colors and light around me, only to find that my vision’s periphery cannot encompass each confetti leaf that falls.  A carpet, a fluttering canopy, and the very currents of air were filled with gold. I tried to capture it, indeed even Oliver took one picture (guess which one!), but I’m afraid you must use these images to add to your scope for imagination. It may be that you can envision something grander than even I could do in the present! The infinite held in an finite cup.DSC02650DSC02543DSC02523DSC02526DSC02530 DSC02536 DSC02560DSC02538 DSC02551DSC02553 DSC02557 DSC02561 DSC02564 DSC02565 DSC02574DSC02568 DSC02581DSC02587DSC02629 DSC02638 DSC02666

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