Storm in a bottle.

ship in a bottle-002I have been playing around with this ship in a bottle idea ever since I had a good look at the Professor’s office.  I really want a real ship in a bottle.  I think I’m going to get the boys a kit for Christmas.

I also painted one with a kraken inside, but I want to work on that idea a little more.

Oh time.  I said yesterday I wish there were two of me. I wake up with clear picture of description in my head, or a piece of dialogue.  I have to write it all down or it gets lost.  Or the dreaded note gets jotted that I can’t put into flowing prose later for the life of me. Beau has been very patient, allowing me to let my whims take over, and the house turn into a complete disaster. But usually there is another voice, other than the one in my head, that calls out and says, “Mama! I need you!” and I am downstairs and taking care of whatever whims these other little people in my life demand in a yawning flash.

It is a very shattered and discombobulated way to live. But oddly, when I tell people about my endeavors, a common response is:

“I wish I had that kind of time.”

I wish I did too! The fact is I choose what I want to do with my time. If I want to watch tv or browse the internet or shop or cook or clean…haha…I don’t have time to write or paint.

Art requires discipline. Most days I trudge through this magical malaise like a slug on a cactus. There is never enough time! And the days where there IS enough time are the days I’d much rather take a nap. Or procrastinate.

Like eight hours of Anne of Green Gables with my own “Raspberry Cordial” (it was really blueberry syrup in white wine).

Over the last couple of days I was PLUNGED into Stephen King’s On Writing. I could not eat, move, help, or talk.  I could not put that thing down. The strange thing is that I am not usually one for memoir or for instructional manuals in general.  But he has mastered the craft to such an extent that he could be writing about doing laundry and I am entranced. (He actually DOES talk about doing laundry in the book.  And yes.  I WAS entranced.)

I also had fillings yesterday.

And wrote 2,000 words.

And the dryer broke. (speaking of laundry)

So now I have so many household responsibilities to do I feel like I am in a tossed up sea of my own bottled volition. We all do this to ourselves in some way or another, don’t we?

But I don’t really, truly mind. I could make my life a halcyon sea by quitting.  But where’s the art in that?

Hence, the painting.

Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “Storm in a bottle.

  1. I like the reminder that how our time is spent is a choice we make….I always feel like I don’t have enough time to get anything done, and then I realize i watch far too much tv…

  2. Rethought my earlier off-the-cuff silly comment and decided it was perhaps overly simplistic. (But wouldn’t it be an awesome exchange?)
    You are my hero for creating in spite of everything and being authentic even about the resulting chaos.

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