turning color.

I am a huge proponent of taking advantage of sunny days in the fall with the sole purpose of seeing the trees paint the town red. I always wanted to live in a place that felt the seasons thoroughly.  Delicious deciduous rules this corner of Seattle and I am so ecstatic to be inside of it! My favorite place for driving is up on Capitol Hill near Discovery Park and down into the Arboretum.  The houses, the street names, the giant old trees planted by Victorians, erupting with Autumn applause. …everything is so quaint and lovely  you feel as though your heart might burst.  The following pictures are from walks in our neighborhood and drives in the surrounding hills…DSC02315 DSC02235DSC02236 DSC02240 DSC02248DSC02249 DSC02187I have been waiting anxiously to see the tree tops under the 20th street bridge turn.  We went to take a look last weekend….DSC02188Harry thinks he might get in trouble for running ahead, but it’s ok: this street is closed off from cars.DSC02189Any leaves changing?  DSC02191Not quite…but we’ll check again soon! DSC02202Look at the camera, Bridget! Oops..sorry.  DSC02206 DSC02211 DSC02213DSC02285DSC02283 DSC02228 DSC02231 DSC02263 DSC02268DSC02270 DSC02322Can you see the little pumpkin on the steps?  It gave me so much joy! DSC02324 DSC02328

That perfectly placed surprise pumpkin gave me just as much joy as any million dollar home’s perfectly coiffed display. Check out THIS amazing house in Laurelhurst:  DSC02320So that’s who buys those enormous pumpkins!


DSC02317DSC02314Happy wednesday!

4 thoughts on “turning color.

  1. I love my sisters! I love my family! Oh you make me want to be home so badly! oh and Harry!
    you are so near the udistrict i MUST tell you my favorite places for where the leaves turn! one: the 17th street entrance to the UW. and secondly, the magus bookstore building: in the alleyway you will find my favorite cafe in all of seattle, cafe allegro. I used to perch on the second floor, adoring the winding red vines–

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