Fields of gold

A picnic on the sea cliffs.20131003-135255.jpg20131003-133445.jpg20131003-135238.jpg20131003-131307.jpg20131003-131347.jpg20131003-143129.jpg20131003-131421.jpg
Joey took me to Discovery Park this summer. Amazingly it was my very first time! It is her favorite place and the inspiration for the setting of the beginnig of her imaginary world in her book. I read her description before being there! It was just as breathtaking in person. It reminded me of Anne of Green Gables! Especially the part where Anne’s pages go scampering about in the wind. That movie is the BEST in fall. I need to have my yearly viewing! I collected a little wild flower bouquet to bring a piece of the meadow home with me. It reminded me of our day every time I looked at it! 20131003-134723.jpg(The second and last photos are from Anne of Green Gables)

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