Cinnamon pinecones and pumpkin pie.

That is the smell of my house right now. 20130929-092824.jpg
Yesterday we drove past 3rd Place Books and something was different. The bright green leafy trees (that Joey thinks look like mother ferns) were not the same. They were a brilliant fluttery mess of mustard confetti!


We drove past them and straight to Whight’s where, if you were not feeling the season yet, you suddenly are now wondering why you don’t have sparkly leaves on your mantel. 20130929-093251.jpg20130929-093314.jpg

I couldn’t help it. I bought a mushroom fairy house and a gold pumpkin.

Can I tell you about something that brings me great joy? The decal thingy on my fireplace (there has to be a better word for that) is from a headboard. That headboard sat in the window of an antique shop on Edmonds’ main street for as long as I can remember. I loved it because it has an oak leaf and acorns, and Edmonds’ main circle has big huge oak trees that turn a delightful maroon in the fall. When we moved I decided to buy the headboard as a memory of my old sea village.

But, of course, we have the staircase built for a tree house, so we broke the headboard trying to get it up the stairs. No matter, said I! I chiseled off the acorns, wood glued them to the fireplace, and painted them white.


May I also say that two of the owls on my mantel were from Sharon Marjorie, and one from my sister Lucy? It’s good to have friends who supply you with your greatest needs.

We had pumpkin pie for breakfast. I also figured out that you can spread your children’s leftover pumpkin pie on toast to create just the right amount of gluttonous autumn euphoria.

And we watched The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe because we finished the book last night! The cartoon is my favorite. I grew up on it and I find myself recreating its artwork and acting like its occupants and laughing, still, at things that remind me of that ridiculous dwarf. It is a story for all seasons, including deliciously rainy fall days as demonstrated here: 20130929-095242.jpgthe door! the cuckoo clock!  The books everywhere!20130929-095338.jpghis slippers, the pipes! the terrariums!20130929-100242.jpg

So there you have it. The season has changed, and I with it. All because of a view from a rainy car window on a blustery day.




3 thoughts on “Cinnamon pinecones and pumpkin pie.

  1. So beautiful (the writing, your joy, and the decor)! I need to get into Fall. I put up my three teeny tiny pumpkins, but that’s all I’ve done so far. You’ve inspired me (as usual)!

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