a misty jaunt.

The mister left for a week yesterday, and the nippers and I are enjoying the usual cacophony that goes down when he is gone.  The day started with a raucous food fight, and a prayer that Tinkerbell would come take these lost boys and me to some far off land. Pictures341-001twin maple driveMy wish came true! Well sort of. I decided to go against all reason and walk all three boys in the rain to Finn’s school. Oh the beauty the earth is putting forth in all of this mist! We found a new little secret place called Twin Maples Private Drive.  It has the most darling cottages, and a twirly iron sign, and of course two giant maples all twisting up over the culdesac. It was just the kind of place to embark to the second star to the right. The rain made every green thing smell so dewy and fresh.  A man picked some big tomatoes off of his garden vine as we walked past and told us to ripen them in our windowsill. We came home all curly and clover!

Except Harry.  (His hair is straight…) and he has terrible sniffles that have had us up all night.  So he cried most of the way and kept taking off his shoes and dumping them overboard off the stroller leaving bits of flotsam and jetsam as we journeyed, so when we got halfway back I realized we’d have to retrace our steps and find them in odd little clumps of flowers or in the very middle of the road.  I got an earful from a woman in her car telling me to please keep my children “further away from the curb!”

Pictures340We watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang before bed and it was JUST the thing.  For one, Dick Van Dyke wears the same type of clothes Beau wears (Beau’s become a follower of Frank and Oak, ooh la la I love them) and when Dick/Caractacus tucks his poppets into their attic beds it made me all woozy for a hug.   Cardigan and handkerchief and little blonde boy…-5And for two, there’s a part where Truly Scrumptious tells him to keep his children out of the road and he tells her off in lovely devil may care fashion. Somehow that vindicated me and made me feel less huffy about the woman in the car. Although, I DO try very hard to keep them all in line.  They are without a doubt very wild and unruly.  We belong in rambling countryside, in a castle on a hill, with a flying car that chits and bangs.

ALSO: I found out today that there is an audio book of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang read by David Tennant (The tenth Doctor Who).  Have mercy, that’s happening next road trip!

There was something else I wanted to say but I forget. Here’s a picture Finn drew of me instead:1378814_10151979349925087_1938867285_nOh I remember! The movie was also a sweet relief because Harry LOVED all the music and would jiggle and sway and try to dance with me and sing during all the show tunes.  It was a delight to see him being happy again! TOOT SWEET!

This night ended with us all in stitches.  The good kind…laughter.

I am going to have one last cuppa with a twin dragon cookie, a nice hot shower, and call it a very good day.

**I apologize for all of these pictures being taken with my phone.  I no longer have the luxury of free hands these days!

6 thoughts on “a misty jaunt.

  1. Definitely go with David’s recording. It’s so wonderful. He does it in a British accent, so I like to imagine it’s the Doctor reading to me. :) And the boys are so lucky to have a mom who shows them the best movie musicals!

  2. I used to get in trouble for squashing two kids in the stroller with groceries. POOR little kids! Sorry,lady we can’t afford a car right now, but still have to eat!! Ah the good old days!

  3. I saved up your posts to read once I got home from vacation and without having reading this, I watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang late last week! Your kids are every inch as darling as Jeremy and Jemima and I love your stories!

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