Fox Hollow!


This is obviously backlogged from summer.  I have A LOT of excursions to post. I have to say this was one of those days where I was feeling the extreme need to pull out my hair.  Three children can be a cacophony of chaos in a sea of other children and animals. But the boys were full of joy, it made for a cute photo op of some of my favorite people, and it was a great excuse to wear my deer herd blouse!

I highly recommend Fox Hollow Family farm in Issaquah. They have bunnies and tiny ponies and baby goats and bouncy houses and a river and the house is a beautiful old cape cod that makes you want to give up your life in the city and move to a remote place with nothing but nature and a bay window to view it. I bet they have pumpkins now.  That would be loverly!

P.S. that flower picture was actually from capitol hill, but I didn’t have any time to take pictures of the Fox Hollow garden (with a conservatory full of parrots in it…my goodness!) so I added that one :)

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