Summer hair.

I have this thing. It’s called I-don’t-know-what-I-want-to-look-like coupled with I-love-every-look. This is how every year around midsummer goes.

Hmmm. My roots are growing out. If I was sensible I would just let my hair grow out or darken it a little. But I have some extra bleach from last year. Maybe I’ll just lighten them up a bit…

Hmmm. I’m here bleaching. Maybe I should do more. Okay maybe a little more. Okay a lot more.

I’m blonde. I love it!

Hmmm. I bet henna would look amazing on this blonde hair!

I’m red. I love it! I bet I would love MORE HENNA.

I’m orange. I’m so tired of it!

Hmmm. I’ll just die it dark now!

hmmm…How about black?

My hair is fried.

I cut it. (butcher more like).

I hate it!

The End.

So now I have my hair up and will let it grow out. Beau has made me promise not to do anything to it and just let it be natural for a while. He loves it just the way it is.

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