Cute house of the week

These posts need a better title. I am happily accepting suggestions. Delightful Dwellings? Anyway…

This week’s house inspired a day filled with red. When I first saw the house, it had a tiny red mini parked in front. With its topiaries and red brick and exuberant arches…and the tiny round park in the middle of Naomi Place, right out front…I felt like I was walking near Kensington Gardens. The only thing needed was a red telephone box on the corner! It inspired me to pull out my red bow shoes and wear them the next few days.

Also of lovely interest, I met the woman who lives in that darling house with all the Dahlias! She is a gardener for Christiansen’s in the Skagit Valley (of course) and ever so friendly!

I hope you are enjoying all the little helicopters flying down from the maples, and not stepping on them with bare feet!


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