Sulamith Wülfing


My friend Amber showed me Sulamith Wulfing’s illustrations a couple of weeks ago.  There are certain artists or writers who I wish I could sit and have a long chat with. When I browsed through her art and read her biography on wiki I felt as if she had visions of what is in my head and I of hers. It is no wonder than Stevie Nicks was heavily inspired by her for her Gold Dust tour.  You guys, it’s like I’m traveling down a swift river running deep with purpose and clouded with inspiration, but I’m not quite sure where it’s taking me. I’ll let you know!  For now, here is a glimpse into my own imaginings…as told by Sulamith Wülfing.10_wulfing_1954_littlegerda 14_wulfing_1952_transfiguration 22_12_2009_0862583001261480636_sulamith-wulfing 22_12_2009_0953545001261480636_sulamith-wulfing 22_12_2009_0981183001261480636_sulamith-wulfing 28_wulfing_danger 31_wulfing_1975_fallingleaf 32_wulfing_thebigdragon  fde6eb6e9fd8 Floating Silence tumblr_lxydw68kYK1qas1mto2_500 Warning

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