Cute house of the week.

This yellow door makes me smile every time I walk by. Yesterday I needed a walk to try to clear a stress headache that was radiating down into my neck and back. A fresh peach milkshake from Kidd Valley was the order of the day.

(That would be a Jude The Obscure rose walkway!!)

I drank my peach shake while browsing Anthropologie, headache far behind me. They have a display of moss and beehives right now, BEE still my heart! A professorial elderly gentleman sat next to me on one of their couches and said in a German accent, “they used to have more seats and books in here.”
I said, “I guess they don’t want people just sitting around!”
It didn’t stop us.
Yesterday was the first Husky football game of the season. Not only do I live on the same street as Anthroplogie, I also live on the same street as the stadium. Two words: Husky Fever. We were not home when they turned our street into a one way!

This house has a matching yellow car! And purple plants around the door. Hmmm..I wonder if they were at the game :)

(The Washington Huskies’ colors are purple and gold)

We were long gone having a barbecue at Joey and Matt’s Mapleside. My headache shifted to the other half of my head, so Joey had me sit under their giant maple with a cinnamon apple cider. The last day of August! I am ready for blackberry pies and plaid, are you?

I’ve been holed up writing away and listening to Enya. My current favorite song is Flora’s Secret. One of the lines in it is Dust and Sunlight, ad the current name for my book about a girl name Flora is Dust and Light! I wonder how much of things from the past are ingrained in me. I walked down the isle to Enya’s watermark, and now here I am writing a book that may have subliminally been inspired by one of her songs. LOVE!

That had nothing to do with the cute house of the week, ha!

Happy first day of September! May your summer be Indian!

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