Cute house of the week.

This beauty has gryphons guarding her window!


We strolled, biked, skuuted, and walked (accordingly) through the park to the boulevard today. We do this walk every few days and the boys now know it by heart and beg to go to the “cafe” to get a treat. This morning Harry went outside and sat in his stroller with a big grin on his face.

The Boulevard Grocery is a completely unpretentious quintessential Northwest cafe. It’s an old farmhouse painted black, with haphazard outdoor seating by the garbage bins and a view of the big old trees that line the grassy median. They have local goodies, home roasted coffee, chess tables, and a kayak hanging from the ceiling. Today they had a floral table cloth laid out on the bench outside with exactly 5 choices from Moon Rabbit Urban Farm: figs, beets, zuchinni, herb medleys, and bok choi.

Fig herb pizza and roasted beets and zucchini sounds good, doesn’t it?

As we walked home the boys began picking flowers out of a sprawling garden on the corner from our house. I told them to stop, but the wrinkled, earth scented gardener spoke to me gruffly,

“how will children ever learn about flowers if they aren’t allowed to pick them?”

I now have a bouquet of her ground roses in a jar on the table, with instructions on how to grow them and where to buy them and a plea to allow my children to grow as wildly and free.

When I came home I discovered 15 new buds on Evelyn. Perhaps someday I’ll be clipping roses for children who pass by, too!

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