Emerald, mint, gold and peach.

Today I dyed my hair what can be best described as peach.

Have you heard that peach, emerald, and mint are all the rage? Well I am one step closer to always having that color scheme on hand. (Image taken from Pinterest)

I love those colors together! My living room is shaping up to be very similar. Mint, pink, gold and olive, at least.

The emerald trend was a fun surprise for me. My sister in law is getting married next month (I’m going to die from excitement!!!) and Finn’s her ring bearer. (Double death from excitement!!!) Her color for the wedding is emerald. (Allan gave her a ring with emeralds..swoon). Anyway, Finn’s little bow tie and suspenders came in the mail and I instagrammed them.

20130810-183657.jpgAnd then my friend let me know the color was very on point with current style trends. And THEN I found this color scheme through Pinterest. Does any of this matter? Does anything I post matter? My blog!

Have a lovely day. Ooooh! And my eyes are green! TWO steps closer!


—that was a green eyed wink!

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