Lavender and Lake Crescent.

Last Friday I took a day trip with the girls out to the peninsula. There is little more on a summer day I would rather do than to: take a boat ride, enjoy flowers, and feel like I’m at camp. We did all of these, with a hint of sophistication, on our journey to the Sequim Lavender Fields and the Lake Crescent Lodge. There is much to be said about the rustic beauty that can be found in these places, but I will only give you pictures in this post, and a snippet from Joey, written on the shores of the sparkling lake…DSC01458DSC01494DSC01499DSC01496 DSC01490DSC01498 DSC01467DSC01463DSC01489DSC01484 DSC01441DSC01450DSC01455 DSC01439DSC01440DSC01539DSC01523DSC01549 DSC01543 “I am sitting in an Adirondack chair by the shore of Lake Crescent on the edge of the Olympic National Forest. I’ve never been here before and it is stunning. The lake sparkles like a glass tinsel star in the mid-afternoon sun. The shingle-sided lodge has a sunroom spanning the length of the first floor lakeside. Tall cedars and the red flesh of Madronas, like some naked exotic race, line the shore. I see kayaks, row boats, paddleboards, hear waves and the laugh and call of children across the water and down the gravel shore. The hills rise, furry with millions of evergreens, almost vertically from the water. This place seems somehow deeply connected to the past and to a frank and wholesome era, not merely through nostalgia but a profound simplicity. Here is respite and a beauty that stills the soul itself.” ~Joanna RoddyDSC01534DSC01540 DSC01537 DSC01525DSC01521DSC01530 DSC01513 DSC01510 DSC01590DSC01602DSC01606 DSC01566

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