Creme de fleur

Today a friend posted the makings of mojito ice cream on Instagram. Then about one minute later I was reading recipes for ice cream in Bon Appetite. When the muses speak, I listen!


I had a bit of vanilla ice cream left from a dessert last week, lavender harvested by my mother from her own plants, honey made by the bees from the Jardin du Soleil lavender farm, rose water, and my very first bloom from Evelyn here at the Burrow. (The very rose Crabtree and Evelyn use for their scents…yowza!).

What resulted was heaven on my tongue!

I made rose petal ice cream and honey lavender ice cream. Really all I did was mix the amounts I wanted in to each…there wasn’t any real finesse or talent involved!

I read in Conde Nast Traveler today that women in Arab countries suck a sugar cube with one drop of rose oil on it and their skin smells delicious for hours. I’d like to think my ice cream will do the same for me!


If I had more ice cream I would make cardamom, lemon, and honey. Have you tried lemonade flavored with those? (I got the idea from Franks oyster and champagne bar, a few blocks away from us) Go enjoy your sunny evening with a taste you won’t regret! Or better yet…find your own flavors. There has to be something in the spice cupboard you can mix with something from the fruit bowl, or the herb garden…. or the liquor cabinet :)

Pictures are of my ice cream, Lovely Evelyn, me at the lavender fields (thanks Joey!), and my mom on her deck flanked by two of the lavender in her row of 6 (8?) I can’t remember :)

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