The forested Ravenna ravine slices through neighborhoods of tiny cottages with lush sidewalk gardens.  Bridges span the chasm to get you to the next row, and trails tip down into the abyss.  We found salmon berries and little waterfalls and a dryads bubble yesterday.  We’ve run into friends, taken a few, and met some there. We’ve discovered two homey cafes that flank either end of the park. One roasts its own coffee! I love it here so much.  I keep telling Beau I feel like I’m on vacation.  A darling thing to see at every turn, with a world of leaves to explore. And somehow it’s all tucked away in the middle of the city! Emerald is a justly given name.-27-24-38-25-23 -28-26-30-29 -31 -32 -33 -36 -37-34

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