The Burrow

I sit here writing to you in one of my very own day dreams come to life. A frightening, exhilarating, life changing old house whose nooks and crannies are now seeping with the shenanagans of little boys and the frill and blush of Bridget Beth colors. I have cried at the newfound noise of the city, delighted in our lilac hemmed sanctuary away from it, and squealed at how everything somehow fit up our teeny winding staircase. (Yes we did have to break our bed). I’ve named rooms “the hollow”, “the nest”, and “the wolf den” accordingly. I’ve painted, and accidentally ripped wall, and had a shed built with a round door. I’ve left some projects to the backburner, and plowed through others with the fierce of a shark on shark week. (That macklemore line always cracks me up). We’ve walked the two blocks it takes to get to adorable shops and restaurants, and up through the forested park that feels like a faerie world away, and discovered the five layers of different kinds of floral wall paper put up in the nursery through the years.

In summation I must say that I am a chrysalis of sorts, feeling the loss of old skin and the shudder of new wings. This is a beautiful new beginning.

Here are some Instagram shots. When everything is a little more settled here I plan on doing a little house tour. For now the bathroom is much too yellow and my boxes are much too full of books!



















8 thoughts on “The Burrow

  1. Looks like the perfect house for you all and your stuff!
    I love that cemetery kiddy corner from the Queen Mary Tea Room…

  2. It’s perfect for you! I love the tease of pictures and can’t wait until you are settled in and give us the photo tour! Enjoy!!!

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