An aqua door and a rhinoceros.

Last night the writer’s group I am a part of met at the Third Place Books in Ravenna! There is a fun Greek restaurant adjoining that we got tapas and drinks from and a little play area for kids. It was late, so it was quiet and sweet for us. I think I’ll be spending lots of time there! (We also checked out the pub below Third Place Books. It looks like something straight out of Bree with it’s twisting tree trunk architecture!)

Any hoo…We did a writing prompt where we each wrote a random word or phrase on a piece of paper, put them in a pile, then drew someone else’s from the pile. I wrote, “Diminutive minds cannot” and Rachel drew it and wrote a piece about the loveliest thing that had happened to her that day. I drew “Once she/he knew that…” and I wanted to share with you what I wrote. I just wrote whatever popped into my head and it was so much fun! It was such a great tool for unblocking for all of us!

Once she knew that the rhinoceros had no teeth, she felt more at ease removing the orb from his throat. How it had managed to fly right down into his pen, in the middle of the zoo was of little consequence. she had to remove it from his choking purple flesh before Ashban could get to the portal. Plus having the death of a dentureless old rhino on her hands was not her favorite idea either.

The orb pulsed and shivered as the rhino tried to swallow. Majorca shoved her tiny hand deeper into his slimy mouth. When her finger tips found the smooth edge of the orb it glowed red through the skin of the rhino’s neck.

“I can’t get it!” Majorca humphed and blew her hair out of her face. The rhino’s eyes bulged as she was up to her shoulder in his mouth and stood on her tippy toes.

“What are you doing?!” came a voice.

It was the last position Majorca imagined herself being in when Gregor finally spoke to her, but alas, nothing with crushes ever seemed to go as she imagined they would.

Ha ha! That was so fun!

After group we drove the couple blocks and around the corner to my house (yes I did go the wrong way when trying to navigate at night…ha!) I got to experience my house at night for the first time with the girls and it’s a memory I will always hold dear. They said it reminded them of the Darling house in Peter Pan, and the back garden was like The Secret Garden. My heart! It has a Griffindor Common room meets Mr Tumnus’ burrow sort of feel to it at night. I am so happy!

And I got to show them my new aqua door! I painted the inside of my round door aqua like the one we had on our cave in Oia. I love it! (Our last door was green, like another one I saw in Greece. I love bright doors!)

The one in Greece:etsy


And a low lit instagram of mine :)


Beau is in Greece for one week for work. After I took him to the airport My dad and I got busy painting and priming with aqua and white. And then I had Greek food. I felt like I was with Beau in spirit!


6 thoughts on “An aqua door and a rhinoceros.

  1. Hi Kari! I actually had it matched to a teacup I have. But it’s Benjamin Moore paint and very close to tropicana cabana. Maybe a touch more muted. (I used that chip and the teacup as a reference)

  2. I was just reading about you experiencing your house at night, and my power went out! That messed with my mind for a moment…

    (And now I’m remembering your first visit here where we lost power. Haha!)

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