‘gramming the garden

My mother has a beautiful rose garden with 70 varieties of garden roses she planted and tends to all by herself.  Desktop81-001It is a hobby we all get to benefit from.  Roses on birthday cakes, the glorious smell permeating through the house on summer days, campfires tucked between them, and big bouquets upon every visit. Desktop82Each rose has its own personality. Some look like big delicate butterflies, some smell like pepper, some have thorns as soft as moss.  My window looks right out onto it, and I’ve been enjoying sneaking out of it to go for sunset/morning walks along the path… Desktop79I love seeing my mom working hard, freckles gleaming on her brown skin, as she weeds and prunes and delights in her bounty.  Roses always make me think of her! Desktop80I love petting the fuzzy buds on this one.  They’re so cute, and I think they smell like the color green.

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