10 things I want to become habits.

1. Licorice Camomile tea with blackberry toast, a la Beatrix Potter.

2. Long walks to find the weekly “cute house” and post it here.

3. Reading one chapter to my boys every evening.

4. To create a mini “mud room” and leave my keys, purse, and shoes in the exact same place, always.

5. Journaling or writing for 15 minutes every day.

6. Pretend to be a house elf or a Downton maid and doing nothing but dishes/laundry/cleaning/organizing for an allotted two hours, three days a week.  I also want to have a special organized cleaning station in my new basement to help with the ease of this, maybe with a sign that says House Elves Quarters. (I am terrible at housework and need some serious incentive.  Beau often asks if he should hire a maid.)

7. Thrifting more often. I found 50’s sail boat and light house curtains the other day!

8. Paint something every day.  Whether it be something little or large, just picking up a brush opens up a deep cavern in my heart that gushes forth and lets beauty in.  I’ve felt squelched without a good spot for it these months, and I am ECSTATIC to have my own attic loft come July.  Guess what?  Our bedroom loft is the same size as our first condo!  (Our bedroom is large, and our first condo was miniscule…ha ha!)

9. See each of my children every day, and truly relish the sweetness they bring to my life.

10. See Beau every day, and truly relish the sweetness he brings to my life.


3 thoughts on “10 things I want to become habits.

  1. I need to get on most of these habits (I don’t have children obviously, but I can’t wait to take after your mothering skillz, lady!)

  2. I found your website not long ago and love the dreaminess you bring to life with your photos and art. I’m a mom of 3 also and a sometimes artist. I guess it’s all about balance, but I’m inspired on how you take time to live slowly and savor the important things.

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