forest, meadow, sea.

When touring his new school Finn said, “Mama, there’s something inside me that wants to cry and I can’t stop it!”

I told him it was change, and that it happens to me too.

During this time of transition for our family there has been elation and depression, bravery and fear, hope and defeat, doldrums and bright beautiful sparkling days.

But one thing that has always stayed consistent throughout all of the worrying in my miniscule life, is my parents’ little corner of the world. Cold winds may change the color of the leaves, but the magical paths our feet traverse in this emerald haven are tried and true.DSC00954DSC00960DSC00969DSC00983DSC00959meadowdale parkDSC01004june day osoyoos1 DSC00999june day osoyoosDSC01025DSC01020DSC01037 DSC01043 DSC01047 DSC01048 DSC01059 DSC01061 DSC01063 DSC01065  DSC01073 DSC01069DSC01077 DSC01093DSC01116june day osoyoos1-001DSC01106 june day osoyoos-002DSC01140DSC01142DSC01151Soon it will be time to leave again.

But I know as long as my mother has anything to do with it, it will always be here waiting.DSC01120DSC01024

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