Courtyard inspiration

93c5e796960db6c6430f093f70dc7627-1After dining al fresco across Italy, spending time in my Mother’s rose garden and my Aunt Tery’s magnicent jungle fountain Garden, and realizing that my favorite part of my yard was not, in fact, the sunny deck, but the space of soft moss under the lilac trees and tucked between the tree house and ferns…I realized that my ideal outdoor space would be a woodland garden courtyard. Lucky for me The Burrow has a slate patio with a wee forest of lilacs and a big dogwood and rambling paths just waiting for my very own touches. I am so excited! Anyone have a fountain, terra cotta pots, or a small fire urn that needs a new home?

Here’s some of my pinterest inspiration as of late…


Stone walled garden bed, rose arbor.

094bac407413bd2716aacb2527fd6959Thyme and flagstone

1a97f0359786a17101cf3d47f329be48Shutters and flower boxes

624edd75dd9122b986cad637ba928ee8big leafed plants 8ca6af5b06f9aa795458b088a745de5ewhimsy

6c32d019a2eaba63228b1f30ce5eba95rambling pathways

cb09a23312315974b2e441976a9d1761stone walled raised beds (love that wild sage!)


aqua door, stone patio

f74d61974e0107b8225f95c1289a073cuse of wall/vertical garden

cc30f7c907e44f58e6a582c8615fd514dinner under branches

c27d15c3f713f0059eef28d035ad9da2frosted lights

24884f94c265a2478de9376102a2c7e5lanterns and use of small space

1be55016fa7855380e1746c733bdd31eferns, water, hostas


fountain and white cushions




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